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طالبة accounting

هووم وورك باجر بليز ساعدوني فيه الحين

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Debit credit

Cash 2300

Account receivable 12500

Merchandise inventory 23700

Store supplies on hand 3100

Store equipment 7100

Acc depr: Store equipment 4000

Account payable 3500

Salaries payable 900

Capital 25600

Withdrawals 3000

Sales 110200

Sales returns and allowances 3100

Sales discounts 2300

Purchases 67800

Purchases return and allowances 1200

Purchases discounts 1300

Fright in 3900

Salary expense 12300

Insurance expense 1400

Repairs expense 700

Depreciation expense 500

Store supplies expense 2600


146,700 146,700

Prepare income statement of owner equity ending inventory 18500

Prepare a balance sheet

بليز ساعدوني ضروري

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