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IPSASB September 2019 Meeting Podcast

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Highlights from the IPSASB September 2019 meeting in Lisbon, Portugal:

00:10 Welcome and introduction; John Stanford, Technical Director
01:20 Chair’s meeting overview; Ian Carruthers, Chair
03:10 Collective and Individual Services; Paul Mason, Consultant
04:21 Revenue with Performance Obligations; Edwin Ng, Principal
05:25 Revenue without Performance Obligations; Joanna Spencer, Manager
07:16 Transfer Expenses; Paul Mason, Consultant
08:39 Leases; João Carlos Fonseca, Principal
09:44 Chair’s concluding comments; Ian Carruthers, Chair
12:44 Closing remarks; John Stanford, Technical Director


أضغط على الرابط لزيارة موقع الخبر

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