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احتاج حل تمرين من كتاب ais

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ارجو مساعدتي في حل هذا التمرين الموجود في كتاب accounting information system- romney

2.6 Shauna Washington started a business to sell art supplies and related curricula to home school families. The business grew quickly. with sales doubling three times during a five-year period. At that point, she sold the business because it had grown too large to manage from here home. Under the new owners, sales doubles again during the next two years. Profits, however , did not keep pace with sales. in addition, the firm had borrowed heavily to open a warehouse. Inventory costs and operating expenses at the warehouse were higher than anticipated, and the monthly payments on the loan were proving to be burdensome. Recently , the number and amount of past due accounts have risen dramatically. Together, these problems have created a severe cash flow problem. If the cash flow situation does not improve quickly, the firm may have to declare bankruptcy, even though sales are continuing to increase.


describe some of the information that a good AIS could have provided for this firm and that, if provided in a timely manner, could have helped it avoid some of its problems.

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